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With proven results as a Business Manager and Director of Finance with 15 years of deliverance leadership and training accompanied alongside his exceptional service to dealerships and customers; he has consistently maintained excellent product penetration and PVR when training at dealerships. Scott is a diligent process and procedure manager and when it comes to teaching results delivering habits, communication, and customer excellence. Scott is leader with in-depth experience in automotive, powersports, Harley-Davidson brand and Hospitality Chain Supply Management.

Representing Dealerosity University™ as their leading and Director of Trainer in F&I and Back-Office Sales As such, Scott brings an impressive academic portfolio of credentials to this position with DU. Scott has completed; attended and participated in the following:

  • JM&A Business Manager Skills Certification
  • JM&A Advanced Business Manager Skills Certification
  • F&I Legal and Ethical Standards Certification
  • Numerous Business Manager/ Finance Certifications and Training Seminars
  • Dedicated and driven to provide excellent service to customers and dealership internal processes
  • Military Veteran with Honorable discharge from the U.S. Army
  • Business Degree from Ball State University

As the DIRECTOR OF FINANCE/GENERAL MANAGER who spent a decade with one of the most well-known Harley-Davidson dealerships (running (4) different stores and sets of sales profitability benchmarks. Scott has been heavily entrenched in the business hands-on and as a Training involving:

  • Completing credit applications and working with lenders to get approvals including re-hashing deals
  • Mastering vehicle financing options for customers as necessary
  • Providing customers with thorough explanation of all protection products and services available
  • Ensuring that the customers understand every detail about their purchase
  • Resolving customer issues and complaints
  • Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Resolution for ALL funding with lenders and bank institutions

Scott drives his training with one of the fundamental focuses on maintaining excellent relationships with lenders and vendors. Throughout Scott’s career as Head Trainer with Dealerosity University™, he will go the extra mile to go through the protocols to implement this structure in his class/s. Actual proven methodology!

  • Protecting dealer assets is something Scott upholds at a high level. His ethics & integrity in business management in general is what many dealerships rely on when needing a certain caliber of management and guidance in their dealerships.

Training of sales staff on product introduction during the sales process and attending sales meetings to discuss promotions and best practices. These practices and procedures will invest not only time into your superior sales staff members but instill best in class knowledge to earn more for themselves on each close but more for velocity of the close for the dealership

  • Training new business managers and continued training of existing managers
  • Assisting other business managers with questions, issues or technical problems
  • Breaking down deals for funding, title department and back-office processing
  • Ensuring and staying on top of quick funding on completed deals
  • Setting up, training, and coordinating temporary finance managers and staff for events (Bike Week and Biketoberfest)
  • Always in training mode, always thinking outside the box - Scott is the epitome of “go-to” dealership manager/trainer with the answers. If he doesn’t have the answer, he will seek it out and deliver it, every time.


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