First Pencil✎: Lead Response Solution

Automatically send ALL of your Internet Shoppers Deal Links.

Some of your shoppers want to “do it themselves.” Dealmatic allows them to do so. Dealers in their first month usually see a 20-30% increase in appointments.

Connect with Dealmatic

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  • First Pencil automatically text messages and emails incoming Internet Leads, providing shoppers with a 5 step, self-serve flow, that allows them to schedule their appointments or next steps.
  • Your team will receive an SMS and email notification every time a shopper completes the First Pencil flow or schedules an appointment. The 5-step flow is summarized in a simple 1-page “Deal Sheet” for the shopper and your team. Imagine Deal Sheets coming in every day for all of your Internet Leads!

Price to Dealers: $499/month-to-month

See an example:

Shoppers submit all the key pieces of information your team needs to structure their deals including:

⇆ Trade-in information

✓ Qualified Incentives

???? Credit tier

???? Down payment


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