The employer is seeking to cast the optimal team member that will enhance productivity within their current cast of skilled players performing. Whereas, the candidate is the seeking the right team suiting their individual skill set that will enable a contribution to a suiting team resulting in the form of more productivity and further advancement. Using what I call the CAST (Communication, Availability, Simplicity, Tenacity) method will satisfy each party by developing a more productive team and advance the career position of the team member. If you are a recruiter reading this, it is our job ensuring each element exists without a breakdown from the start date and completion of the team member placement.

It all begins with the big “C” which is effective and efficient communication between each party. So often as employers we intentionally move slowly as not to cast the wrong team member. We do this by slowing down the decision-making process with other equivalent and/or supervisory team members involvement. Or, as yourself as a hiring manager skip not setting the proper time frame goals should permit a strong candidate to cross our radar at any time during your search which means immediate, early, or later in the recruiting process itself. It is your responsibility as a hiring manager or hiring team to set and prepare all of our schedules that enables everyone to communicate beginning with the first immediate interaction with any potential team member and have all schedules involved on that same clock. We never know how long it will take to find the right team member, so be prepared for immediate results or risk losing what could be the best selection ever. In turn be prepared for a lengthier process where the right potential team member has not hit your radar yet. There should be no reason that communication with a skilled applicant is slowed unless you or someone else involved has halted the process with a legitimate concern or question. These should be addressed with immediate communication to with each team party member is involved and must rapidly resolve or agree to pass on the candidate. This includes all key decision makers have time set aside to communicate and evaluate on a moment’s notice. If you want the input of others have them prepared with immediate time to act and/or react to provide their individual input on each potential candidate. Great candidates typically get recognized early with individuals and team members that have communication prepared, scripted, and the appropriate time set aside for rapid, yet complete evaluations.

Candidate communication should be prepared for in much of the same way. Demonstrating you have strong communication skills is immediate and happening for evaluation by any interested team which includes responsiveness, articulation, and preparation for action. When applying to be a part of a team remember that you are on their clock. All employers seek someone who is a strong, responsive, and an effective communicator. For your part there should be no delay while in this process. Keep in mind as you do your due diligence on a prospective team that expresses interest, this means do not delay on engaging with someone that already has a peaked interest in the initial and/or late stage of the hiring process. Do not waste employers time as this is a part of your personal dossier, remember that everyone know someone. If you are fully engaged now it will display that you will be plugged in while being a team member in the future. Your interview actually has begun here, so play to the process and if their process is great it may be a great fit to advance your career with them acquiring a great team member.

Availability while searching for the best team member or team to join, make sure you have cleared your calendar with flexibility. This is the one of the trickier parts as you may have other obligations. Be sure to set aside blocks of time with several choices for the prospective team and/or team member so that each can continue with solid communication keeping the process moving along. When anything stalls, time is a thief enabling another team to select another player and/or the player to select another team.

When making the decision to enter the process of changing teams and/or adding a new team member Simplicity is vital. If either party creates obstacles rather than creating solutions it may be concluded that team and/or prospective team member has the same business approach sending each other the wrong message unintentionally. Be easy as a candidate and as an organization. Display how simple and seamless the process is will demonstrate you are decisive and conduct business philosophically with that of efficiency eliminating confusion which is important for all parties. Be a part of the process and do not be a pontificator as it is sure to cost either the organization and/or prospective team member interest and engagement.

Lastly is Tenacity and this is my favorite of all. This becomes and is really about who is chasing who when the fact remains you both entered the want ads together. Put away your pride and ego as there is not room for either if both parties are to come together creating productivity, retention, and profitability.

Recruiting using what we call the Cast Method will create employee retention

Keeping the CAST method in mind should result in greater teams and greater team members unifying what each had set out for in the very beginning. Thanks for the read and hopefully this was helpful.

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