Moshe DarwazehMoshe Darwazeh

Co-founder/Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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Direct: (754) 209-2457

Moshe is the CFO and Co-Founder of Dealerosity. His dynamic financial and business acumen spanning over 15 years helps the back office of this growing empire exist and flex with the marketplace of today. Moshe's business management and staffing expertise lends its hand with a perfect blend of management; sales; and financial agility that makes him an intricate part of our team at Dealerosity.

Moshe is an absolute expert in complex contractual agreements and overall managing business processes which makes him the ideal CFO. As an entrepreneur for the past eight 8 years of his career, he has developed extraordinary diversity to our company and its overall "out of the box" thinking. Moshe is passionate about driving and spending time with his beloved wife in both their personal life and business. Moshe enjoys a double degree in Finance and Economics from Florida International University and an AA degree from Eastern Florida State College. A fun fact about Moshe: Moshe, is the oldest of seven 7 children in his family and was considered the family leader at an early age.


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